Speeding Ticket:

The Speeding ticket is often referred to as a citation, a speeding citation or sometimes just "the ticket".

To be worthy of receiving such a speeding ticket one generally has to have been caught speeding.

It is normally issued by a police officer, often referred to as "the cop". The cop, or policeman in most situations used a speed measuring device like radar, vascar or laser to determine your speed. Vascar is  used in the timing of your distance over a specified distance. Sometimes these time measurements to determine the speed at which you are driving is done from an airplane.

The Speeding Ticket can be beaten. In other words you can beat your speeding ticket. 

To beat a speeding ticket it is important to know the rules and the law. Without this knowledge it is very difficult to beat a ticket. To this end the Tipmra was created as the accumulation and presentation of the best speeding ticket defence in the world.

This site is dedicated to those with the desire and will to beat their speeding ticket. Please click on the link below to go to the Tipmra. main page.

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