speeding ticket lawyer:

You don't need a lawyer to beat a speeding ticket. Most people can do it on their own if they have the knowledge that is needed to beat that speeding ticket. That knowledge is available at tipmra.com.

If you are close on points. that is you have so many points that another ticket will cause you to lose your license then I recommend using a speeding ticket lawyer. At that point you can't afford a loss.

A Speeding ticket lawyer charges anywhere from $75 to $200 for his services plus the speeding ticket fine and court costs. In short he will make a deal with the prosecutor to have the charge changed to a non moving violating. The court wants it's bucks so the amount of the file will stay the same as well as paying for court costs.

It will cost but the alternative of losing your driving privileges for six months or a year is not really an alternative.

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