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Any certificate admissible under IRLJ 6.6(b), and any other document relating to a Speed

Measuring Device, can be filed with the clerk of the court and maintained by the court as a

public record, and shall be available for inspection by the public. Copies shall be provided by the

clerks’ office on request. There shall be no charge for the copy if it relates to an infraction filed

against the person making the request. Otherwise, there shall be a charge of 15 for each page

copied. These records shall be available without a formal request for discovery. The court shall

be entitled to take judicial notice of the fact that any document filed pursuant to this rule has

been filed with the court. Documents filed pursuant to this rule shall not be suppressed as

evidence merely because there is no prosecutor present to offer the document as an exhibit at the

hearing. If the certificate or document is insufficient, then a motion to suppress the reading of the

Speed Measuring Device shall be granted.