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Subpoena CFR



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Mr. Who Cares, Esquire
City of We Want Your Money
1010 Take Your Dough Dr.
We Want Your Money, MO. 66666-6666

February 12th, 2000 Make sure you date it!!!

I, __________________________ , do hereby request the following information in regards to Missouri Uniform Complaint and Summons No. 9999999-99 issued on January 28th, 2000 by P.O. Dunce (DSN 47). Change the State, ticket number, officer name, etc...

traffic engineering speed survey report as required by law concerning the posted and legal speed and specified in 23 CFR 630; 23 USC 109(d); 23 CFR 655.603 and MUTCD "2b–10 Speed Limit Sign, (R2-1) . concerning the required engineering survey for the section of road upon which the aforesaid allegation pertaining to the above citation of complaint and summons.


This request is pursuant to discovery in the aforesaid complaint.

If there are any fees related to this request, please send an itemized bill for said fees to: Your name and address... not mine...

Michael A. Tipmra Jr.

I have enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope if such a need arises. If there is further need for contact in which written correspondence is insufficient, please call (XXX) XXX – XXXX.

Thank you in advance for your courtesy. Very truly yours,

Michael A. Tipmra Jr.