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Look carefully at the speeding ticket



The SpeedingTicket

Also known as, The Pleading which happens to be the Charge against you.


Examine the ticket: The important side is the side the officer did not fill in. It is the side explaining what it is you are supposed to do if you intend to fight.


Every state has their own format and in many states every jurisdiction may have its own format. There is no standard format. Consider this side as being designed with evil and malicious intent. Some of the information of evil intent may also be on the other side.


Here is what to look for and do



Not doing as the ticket specifies is not fatal, however it will make your defense harder, possibly cause a second time consuming hearing, and cause unwanted confusion.


Special Directions


Now read the rest of the ticket and try to determine what method was used to determine your speed. If it is not indicated on your ticket you can request this information from the court. The court may give you a wrong answer. Unless the ticket specifically states the method or you know what method was used then come prepared with all defenses, Laser (lidar), Radar, Vascar and speedometer defenses.