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Cross Examination


The witness is now your to abuse. In cross examination you are permitted to ask leading questions and treat the witness as a hostile witness. However it is expected that you be polite not use derogatory statements. You may think that the officer is an idiot, you may even know it, but you can't say it. You can make him look like an incompetent idiot.


Objections: Remember the word OVERRULED means the Judge does not buy the objection and continue as if no objection was ever made. the objections stated here are the type you may hear. I have obviously not included all possible objections.


If the trial is with prosecutor:


If the Trial is without a prosecutor:  If the Judge makes any objection of any kind: "Your Honor I object to you acting as prosecutor. The people chose to to proceed without the benefit of a prosecutor and as such have chosen to enter waive their right to enter objections. If it was their desire to enter objections they should have employed a prosecutor."