Objections General


As soon as the prosecutor finds you making a point or getting ahead in any fashion he will object. He will object to anything and everything he can. If there is no prosecutor the Judge may be objecting on occasion or say something is not important or that he takes the officers word for it. In this section I will cover many of the objections that you may hear. I will not always separate as to who made the objection, the prosecutor or Judge, but just the objection and how to handle it.


To every motion you make the prosecutor will raise an objection. To almost every question you ask the prosecutor will object. The objections are because you are winning. If you are loosing there will be no objections. The objections as proof that you are scoring big points, rattling their cage and making the officers or prosecutors life miserable.


In many situations the prosecution will object even before you finished speaking. This is to rattle your cage and may also be because the prosecution may know where you are heading and wants to head you off at the pass.


It is not possible to list all possible objections however these I present are the most common ones you may encounter. Remember, you can always say "Just a moment your honor" and read your notes and even read from the notes in handling the objection.


When the Judge says SUSTAINED it means that the objection hold water. the one making the objection wins the argument. When the Judge says OVERRULED it means that the objection does not hold water and the one making the objection loses.



Objections: ( the objection is normally preceded with the word Objection and then the objection itself )




As you know the prosecutor or Judge will most likely object to you asking for documentation. This is because they don't have it or it does not exist and can be fatal to their prosecution.



To handle objections you will have to think on your feet on occasion. You can always ask the Judge for an explanation or time to consider your response. DON'T LET THE JUDGE OR PROSECUTOR RUSH YOU.