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Motions is nothing more then asking the court to do something. You can motion anything and you should motion for dismissal as often as possible.

You may aggravate the court by making endless motions but who cares. The court can not grant a request unless you make it.

Experience has shown that most laymen like yourself don't know when to make a motion and as such never make motions for fear of being made a fool of. Motion whenever you see an opportunity and your constant motion should be for either dismissal or that the evidence is inadmissible as to foundation, judicial notice or some other reason.

You never know when a Judge will grant a motion. People have told me that their case was dismissed after the first motion and some after more then twenty motions. You never know which motion and when will trigger a dismissal.

Your rule should be to motion for dismissal whenever you see an opportunity. It is not possible to come up with every possible opportunity but here is a list of suggestions:

Motions for Dismissal:

Motions as to inadmissibility of evidence:

These are covered in the appropriate defense sections under the DEFENSE tab.