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The Infamous and Notorious Tipmra: Welcome


The Tipmra is Trial by Ambush.  You challenge the evidence by making essential to the prosecution something they should have, but can not produce in court at your trial.  You catch the prosecution unprepared.  Unethical yes, illegal NO, but fatal to the prosecutions case against you.


You can read from your notes in court. You can read the questions and the motions. You do not have to memorize anything. Your notes in court are protected as "Work Product". The prosecution may not ask to see your notes and if they do, tell them to go to a hot place down under reserved for lawyers and Politicians.


This is the new format for the Tipmra. It is very large and informative with hundreds of links. All links may not work correctly on all browsers. Please email me at with any problems you come across or suggestions that you may have. Remember the Tipmra is always evolving, it does not stand still, it is not static like the other sites selling bogus speeding ticket information. Your involvement is important.


Not all States have case laws and in some States new case laws appear. Sometimes people like you find case laws that I did not find. Please share these. No site on the web has more information and none takes the time and effort to follow in up order to fine tune what works and discard what does not. It is up to you to make this site work for you.


Since every case and situation is different it is not possible to make a defense where one size fits all. You should use the information provided here and put together a defense that you believe will work for you and your situation.


Before your trial check the IMPORTANT UPDATES at the main web site. You can always come back to here by going to the home page at and scrolling down until you find a button that says Free Members Log In.

Congratulations you have made the choice to fight that ticket and win.

First some information on these pages:

Good Luck, Now go for it tiger. You have at your fingertips the best defenses known. Trial tested and court proven. The material here is far beyond anything imaginable and available at any other site. No site, No book has as much material as here and None have the strategies that are proven to work consistently.

I assume you have checked the ticket  LOOK AT THE TICKET , is the car described is your car, it is the correct color and the ticket is yours. There are no obvious mistakes that make the infraction invalid (misspelling your name or an incorrect address does not invalidate the infraction, the officer will identify you as the person he ticketed.) Review FATAL FLAWS (hint, this is a link, this is what links will look like. this one takes you back to the main Tipmra web site. Remember to click on the Previous Page tab to return here.)

Some basics: 

            The Tipmra Defense is designed to make the evidence against you inadmissible or unreliable:

            Do not, repeat, Do not try to prove that you are innocent: This is something that the Judge or prosecutor will try and convince you to do. Do not take the stand under any circumstances. Once you do, the prosecutor will get a go at you. He is trained, you are not. He will cunningly get you to say something that will either undermine your case or have you admitting that it is possible, though unlikely that you were going over the speed limit. The second you say something like that , you have lost.

            The only reason for the trial is to hear the evidence and convict you: Make the evidence inadmissible or show reasonable doubt and you will win.


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