The Tipmra

The Tipmra is Trial by Ambush.  You challenge the evidence by making essential to the prosecution something they should have, but can not produce in court at your trial.  You catch the prosecution unprepared.  Unethical yes, illegal NO, but fatal to the prosecutions case against you.”

Congratulations you have made the choice to fight that ticket and win.

First some information on these pages:

Good Luck, Now go for it tiger. You have at your fingertips the best defenses known. Trial tested and court proven. The material here is far beyond anything imaginable and available at any other site. No site, No book has as much material as here and None have the strategies that are proven to work consistently.

I assume you have checked the ticket, the car described is your car, it is the correct color and the ticket is yours. There are no obvious mistakes that make the infraction invalid
(misspelling your name or an incorrect address does not invalidate the infraction, the officer will identify you as the person he ticketed.) Review FATAL FLAWS (hint, this is a link, this is what links will look like. this one takes you back to the main Tipmra web site. Remember to click on the Previous Page tab to return here.)

Some basics: 

            The Tipmra Defense is designed to make the evidence against you inadmissible or unreliable:

            Do not, repeat, Do not try to prove that you are innocent:

            The only reason for the trial is to hear the evidence and convict you: Make the evidence inadmissible or show reasonable doubt and you will win.