Your case is called:

The first thing you want to do is present your case law. You want to do this before the trial begins. When your name is called:


You say: “Your Honor may I approach the Bench” You approach the bench and hand both the Judge and the prosecutor copies of the case laws you brought with you. (you need three copies, one for the Judge, one for the prosecutor and one for yourself)

You now say: “Your Honor these are the most notable case laws concerning (radar, Vascar, Lidar-laser, photo-radar or speedometer) they deal with foundation and admissibility of evidence. Some is from Sister States for your consideration because Our State has no relevant case law dealing with the specific situation”.

You now sit down. They may read them and then again they may not.

For Radar and speedometer (being paced) and Vascar: bring  (also bring the pertinent case law from your State, surrounding States or any additional that you think may help)

For Lidar-Laser: bring,

For Photo-radar: bring:

Your Trial may be where there is a prosecutor or where there is no prosecutor: Each must be handled differently: This is just a sample trial that assumes you were paced (the officer followed you in his car and noted your speed on his speedometer).  For details as to your specific defense click on the Tab at the top marked DEFENSES