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Happy pig - like a happy cop

  • If you buy a pig in a poke, you have just bought a pig. A poke is a cage in which you can not see the pig.
  • Sites that offer a guarantee make it very difficult for you to collect. You have to scan in and send them a copy of the ticket and the Judgment and proof that you paid the fine before they will return your money. HERE IS A GOOD SAMPLE SITE!
  • Although the origin of the word pig is generally associated with the animal, the earliest date in which the word pig was used for meanings other than it’s original meaning and to refer to Law officers dates back to the 16th century.  The real one






With The Tipmra you have the best tools available. No defense is perfect, there are always situations where Judges and Magistrates make their own rules. Cops will lie on the witness stand and the Judges that are supposed to be impartial often have a vested interest in the outcome. They pretend to be holier then God himself on occasion and contemptuous on your attempt to defend yourself. There are also Judges that care, and handle a fair trial. Picture of Judge Roy Beans Court House


The Tipmra is not perfect, no defense is ever perfect. But with The Tipmra you have best there is. From the responses I receive around 95 percent beat their miserable ticket. The 5 percent that lose generally lose because the Judge has a vested interest in the outcome or couldn't care less about the defendants rights. There is nothing that can be done about that.


One item that is consistent with those that defend themselves, win or lose is that they have learned a great deal about the Justice system, how it works and The tipmra becomes a life experience where they now feel an empowerment they never had before. This is in self confidence in handling a defense themselves and in challenging the system with knowledge and preparedness.


I can not stress more strongly that there will always be a next ticket. Maybe not this year, but somewhere in your future. The Tipmra will prepare you for what to do when another ticket comes your way.


ASSURANCE: If for any reason you are unhappy with the Tipmra as a product, I will cheerfully and without question refund you your money. No Questions asked, No explanation necessary.


One thing that you can do, to avoid that next ticket is to arm yourself with a good radar detector and Jammer.  Just slowing down will not do the trick. The sad fact of the matter is that as many people who were not speeding get tickets as those that were speeding. Of all the tickets that I have had only one was where I was exceeding the speed limit. That is why 32 years ago I took on the challenge to beat the speed trap system.


I drive with a Radar detector scrambler combination from Rocky Mountain Radar, so does my wife, my kids, my brother and nephew. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Get a radar detector or Radar Detector and Scrambler. Visit the Infamous and Oh so Stealthy One  Radar Rob



In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer


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