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Stork carrying money for speeding tickets

Interesting Statistics

  • More women then men fight their speeding ticket
  • over 41,000,000 tickets for speeding are written in 2003. That's over 112,000 per day, over 4,600 per hour, 78 per second. the average ticket is 9 inches in length, that's over 30,700,000 feet of ticket or about 5,800 miles of paper, further then driving coast to coast or 800,000 rolls of toilet paper.
  • The average fine is over $120, the average court costs are over $60, yes a 7.4 billion dollar industry in tickets alone looking for new customers every day. The entire industry, Lawyers, radar detectors, safety school for offenders is another 5 billion dollar market making the whole industry a 13 billion dollar per year business.
  • Compare the 13 billion dollar Ticket industry to the 3 billion dollar lottery industry and check your chances of winning in either one.
  • 95 % of those ticketed never appear in court and pay their fine by mail. The remaining 5% are there either because they want to be there or have to be there. Those that have to be there were most often going at such a speed that they are not permitted to pay by mail. Less then 1 % tries to fight the ticket on their own. of that 99% fail. That means that only 4,100 that fight their own ticket each year win. 180,000 tickets are handled by Lawyers at an average cost of $150 which means Lawyers collect 27 million bucks while the courts still collect their fines.
  • Information obtained from the Tipmra is often copied, plagiarized and then modified to become the ticket defense that others sell as their own or pretend to be some insider secret
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In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer



 as well as some statistics you may find interesting  But first please click on this picture of a 1910 speeding ticket  TICKET

Interesting fact from the AMA (American Medical Association)

 "traffic police have one of the highest rates of testicular cancer by occupation due to the widespread habit of resting radar guns in their laps without switching them off? (and some say the have no balls - HA)


If you have not yet visited the Insurance rate increase protection page you should do so before you proceed. Other then the Tipmra, it is the most important page on this site. Click here


  • Innocent until proven guilty: Legal Fiction, You are guilty since it is assumed that there is sufficient evidence to complete the conviction. ( That nice officer Parker only arrests guilty people, not the innocent ones )


  • Your word is as good as that of the arresting Officer: Pure fiction, The arresting Officer is also an Officer of the court. His word is assumed to be that of an honest official. 


  • Your word against his: His word is that of an officer of the court. Yours is that of the accused and therefore suspect. (If he lies the court will believe him, if you tell the truth, you are assumed to be lying) The court is obliged to "consider the evidence most favorable to prosecution" Believe it or Not!|

  • You may testify: You may, however none of your exculpatory evidence will be considered, anything you say will be used against you. You are assumed to be lying on your own behalf on the good, and telling the truth on items that are bad for you.
    (This is because the court considers you as having a "vested interest in the outcome")


  • You may refuse to testify: You may refuse, however any words the prosecutor can get you to say, even when not testifying can and will be used against you. Because it came out of your own mouth. You can be hung on your own words even without testifying.


  • You did not know the speed limit: Irrelevant,  even though criminal intent is a must for conviction, and since you did not know the limit, how could there be intent you say? Wrong; intent is legally assumed and ignorance of the law is no excuse. Guilty!


  • You knew the trap was there: And specifically watched your speed. Irrelevant, you were clocked at a higher speed by an Officer of the Court, Officer Parker. Guilty!


  • Your car only had one cylinder firing: And could not possibly go that fast: It did, Officer Parker clocked you. Guilty


  • You have an explanation: You had to rush your dying mother to the hospital. Probably will get the courts sympathy. Guilty unless you produce hospital emergency room papers and your mother.


  • Magistrates, Magistrates court, and Judges: Most likely you will face a Magistrate at trial, Do you know what a Magistrate is?    Magistrate


Finding fault with the ticket itself

  • The ticket indicates the speed you were clocked at but fails to state the posted speed limit of the location where you were clocked. 
  •  Wrong description of the car, e.g.. Red Toyota, when it was a Blue Ford.
  •  Wrong license number (the entire number must be wrong, a misplaced letter or number will not do)
  •  Not detailing the place of the arrest. (this is necessary to show what speed zone you were in.)
  •  Wrong name: A misspelled name is not necessarily fatal as long as the Officer can identify you. The name of Joe Smith rather then Phil Carey is fatal.
  • Proving that the speed was not posted or that the posted speed was not visible for a legitimate reason. e.g. The sign with the posted speed was grown over with brush. 
  • The arresting officer makes a mistake while on the stand and you catch it. The mistake has to be fatal. e.g. identifying a female rather then a male as the driver, or identifying a red car that he clocked on radar when in fact your car is blue.
  • Making the evidence against you inadmissible if the officer failed to indicate the method used for determining your speed.

If you live in California ( where things are different ) in addition to The Tipmra there is a thing called "Trial by Declaration" There are instructions for invoking a legitimate 30% divine intervention factor, a mantra that can have the ticket dismissed even before you go to court. Click on the Devine Intervention Button and then the California button to find out.


Devine InterventionFor California

Bottom Line: Don't count on Fatal Flaws. However if your ticket has one - USE IT! 
(for more on Fatal Flaws- CLICK HERE)


Acceptable explanations

  • Passing another car on a non divided highway where passing in the opposite lane traffic is permitted. You are allowed to exceed the limit for the duration you are in the oncoming traffic lane. A speedup and slowdown grace period is allowed.
  • You were being chased by hoodlums in another car and feared for your life.
  • Your car had a mechanical malfunction and you fought bravely to bring the car to a stop.
  • You are driving an ambulance with the proper lights flashing on an emergency. 





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