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Speeding Ticket Vetrin and his dog


Faith in America

  • Most people that fight their ticket feel that their ticket was unjust
  • Capitulation to injustice is un-American, an insult to those that fought for our freedom to preserve the rights we are blessed with.
  • Contesting your ticket in court is not a privilege, it is an right
  • This site is dedicated to those willing to take on the system of speed trap injustice and win in court  The real one

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What does this mean? And why is it important?


Anyone can come up with a theory for a defense. Until it is tried in court over and over again, it is just a theory. What has worked once may not work again and what may work for one person may not work for another.


By now you should have realized that when it comes to speeding ticket trials in this country, one size does not fir all. There is no single silver bullet that will vanquish that ticket each and every time. As such you need a strategy that incorporates everything that has been proven effective over and over again.


You never know which part of the defense will trigger the CASE DISMISSED. Sometimes it is the first objection you come up with and sometimes the trial goes all the way to the end where every defensive position has been exhausted and all that remains is a verdict. There is no rule as to which item, will do the trick and when. Trials are to volatile for that.


Thinking on your feet at trial is hard for any attorney, and harder yet for someone that has never argued a case in court. Attorneys use a trial plan, one they put together before trial outlining their objectives, possible objections from the other side and contingency plans. When they get stuck they refer to their notes and their mind unfreezes.


With The Tipmra you have the trial plans set out specifically for your speeding ticket. You have the objective, the possible objections and how to handle them and you have more then one defense that you will use. In short you come prepared. You don't even have to memorize anything, you can read your motions and questions directly from the sheets you bring with you. You also have the supporting documents and case laws that bring credibility to the points you are making.


The Tipmra is designed so that Grandmothers, housewives and Students alike can use the defense without the legal skills of a practiced attorney.


To achieve this there has been a tremendous amount of work put into making the Tipmra what it is. Literally the results of thousands of cases and actual trials have been compiled to make the defense the best there is. Thanks go to the thousands that have shared their court experiences to make the tipmra the most useable speeding ticket defense in the world.


Without the continued input from people from all across the country the Tipmra would be theory and nothing more then the untried defenses and insider secrets sold so profusely on the net.


Trial tested and court proven means exactly what it says. The tipmra is the only defense that can make that claim.