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Protect yourself with a document condom


Think of the Verification Defense as a condom

Without it you are unprotected if the Prosecution enters a document into evidence.

  • The document must be the original if the original exists
  • If the document is a copy, it must be certified as being an exact copy. It must have both a public notary stamp and signature of the person certifying it.
  • If the copy is uncertified it may not be entered into evidence
  • You have a right to examine the document and examine the witness entering the document into evidence
  • If you don't ask questions that make the document inadmissible, the document will be admitted.
  • Any document admitted is very important. Important to the prosecution and to you. If it is admitted as evidence against you it will be very damaging to your defense
  The real one


Entering a document into Evidence


To enter a document into evidence someone must identify the document. Let us assume that this is a trial where radar was used and the prosecutor wants to enter into evidence the last calibration of the tuning forks. It would go something like this.


  • Prosecutor: Officer can you identify this document?
  • The Officer: Yes I can, it is documentation from Tuning Fork Testing Labs Inc.
  • Prosecutor: Does this document describe the tuning forks you used on the day of the arrest?
  • The Officer: Yes
  • Prosecutor: What does the document say?
  • Officer: It says that these tuning forks were found accurate on June 21 of this year
  • Prosecutor: Your Honor I would like to enter this into evidence as peoples exhibit no.1


That evidence has now been entered and it is very damaging to your defense. Thankfully you get to ask questions as well. Deepening on the court you are in  you can ask them right away or you may have to wait until it is your turn to cross examine the witness.


Thankfully cops are not very bright and prosecutors in a speeding ticket trial are very lazy. I can guarantee you that both the cop and the prosecutor are not prepared for a verification defense. After all, what layman has even a clue as to what to do? Unless you prepared yourself with the Tipmra you wouldn't nether.


Lets get started:

  • To identify the tuning forks there has to be a way of identifying them.
  • tuning forks have serial numbers and the radar gun has serial numbers.
  • He needs another document showing which gun these tuning forks belong to (only if you ask)
  • Most police departments have more then one radar gun.
  • Unless the officer brings in a Daily log as to what car he was driving and what gun was installed in what car on what day. He has a problem.
  • If you ask him how he identified this piece of paper as belonging to the radar gun used he will say "By the serial Numbers"
  • If he says anything else another witness would have to be called until someone can identify the unit by the serial numbers
  • Whoever identifies the paper by the serial numbers obviously must know the serial numbers
  • Holding the paper in you hand in such a way that the witness can't see the serial numbers, ask what the serial numbers are
  • If the witness does not know the serial numbers off by heart then the document has been falsely identified and must be rejected


I hope you get the idea. there are a lot of questions you can ask and if the witness fails on just one of them, the document must be thrown out. The full version with a lot of pre-defined questions and possible answers is in the Tipmra.


The beautiful part is that since the prosecutor himself or herself introduced the document himself it must be of obvious importance. So important that his case will fall apart unless it is admitted into evidence. By using the Verification Defense on documents you have now made the document inadmissible, trashed his case completely and assured yourself of a dismissal.








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