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Speeding Ticket Notables

Subliminal Suggestion

  • Subliminal communication occurs when we bypass the conscious portion of the brain and send valuable information directly to the subconscious.
    Through our five senses, our subconscious recording equipment is capable of recording millions of bits of information every second. Because it's for more than our brains can consciously register, our subconscious accepts the information instead and stores it away.
  • Your Subconscious Mind
    - 88% of the brain
    - Data Storage Bank
    - Bio Computer
    - Records at 100 millions bits per second
    - Stores everything you experienced
    - Does not screen information
  • Your Conscious Mind
    - 12% of the brain "Communication Center"
    - Directs all actions of the body + reasons +
    calculates + makes decisions
    - Registers pain, fear, happiness
    - Can only think of one subject at a time

You can download it for free:

DOWNLOAD  The real oneIn Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer



It's Yours for free if you want it:

Here is a little program that will help you acquire the superior self confidence that will make your defence sound as if it was coming from the Great Denial Webster himself.


Just install it on your computer and click on the affirmations of your choice and it will project these affirmations subliminally on your monitor and register on your mind as you work at your computer.


Researchers and psychologists have long know that subliminal suggestion is extremely powerful in conditioning the subconscious mind. As Dr. Napoleon Hill observes in his work "Think and Grow Rich", "whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve".


The program is called Brain Bullet. I didn't name it so didn't blame for the inappropriate name. Nonetheless I have it and if you want it, it is available for you to download and use. It is not part of the Tipmra, it is a useful tool that I have that can help you immensely in your defence and in other matters as a matter of fact.


It is so simple to use that you will be able to use it right away without reading extensive directions.


Here is a screenshot:



You can modify the affirmations and chose which you want to have subliminally suggested to you.


For Your speeding ticket defence Just cut and paste these and enter them into the Edit portion of the program.


I have confidence in myself

I have confidence in the Tipmra

I will not be intimidated

I will not be intimidated by the court

I will not be intimidated by the Judge

I know what questions to ask

I know how to ask the questions

I am confident in the questions I ask

I am confident in my presentation

I am confident in my knowledge of the tipmra

I am confident in my voice

I am confident in my appearance

I am confident that I will win

I will not let anyone intimidate me

I learn and remember the tipmra material with ease

I remember what I learned


You can download it for free:







Often Imitated but Never Duplicated