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Nice Nun that will not get a speeding ticket


Only Nuns don't get speeding tickets

If a cop tried, she would smack his knuckles with her ruler and put him on detention.  The real one


In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer


These are the myths some sites are portraying as secret information whereby you can beat you ticket by playing tricks on the court. The dumbest thing you can do is to go to court without a well planned, reliable and proven defense strategy, or to try one of these tricks.

1. Moving the trial date to a day the arresting officer is on vacation. Advocated by some as an insider secret
  • No police department gives out there police officers vacation schedule. Asking for his work schedule will make you a person of interest, they won't give it to you.
  • If you cause a trial date to be moved and the arresting officer does not show the prosecutor will request a new trial date from the Judge. The judge will grant it because you yourself have been granted a new trial date. Both Judge and prosecutor know this ploy, it will be noted on the record and at the new trial they will read these notes and the Judge will consider it in his Judgment.
  • The only time the court will dismiss a charge is if the arresting officer does not show is on the original court date. The prosecutor will motion for a new trial date where the officer can be present. Unless you make the proper motion a new trial date will be issued. If you motion correctly, the case will be dismissed.

2. Have a tape recorder and camera handy in your car so that you can record the conversation between you and the arresting officer and take pictures. Advocated by some selling 1001 ways to talk yourself out of a ticket

  • When the arresting officer sees the tape recorder, what do you think he is going to say? He will ask you to sign the ticket.

  • If you refuse to sign the ticket he will handcuff you and bring you to jail.

  • What are you going to take picture of, the arresting officer, his car, the scenery? Do you actually believe that these items will intimidate the officer?


3. Demand to see if the radar gun reading

  • The officer is not required to let you see it. It is a safety issue and the officer and court does not want you leaving the car.


4. Having stickers on your car indicating an association with Law enforcement or books on the back or front seat dealing with law enforcement. The theory is the officer will take note of this and for some reason not give you a ticket. (another insider goodie)

  • A legitimate law enforcement officer, retired or active will along with his license hand over his police ID. as a courtesy the arresting officer will not issue a ticket. (Sharks don't eat other Sharks)

  • Your feeble attempt at pretending to be associated with law enforcement will only bring a smile to his face as he hands you the ticket. You aren't the first that has tried it on him and you won't be the last.

  • It has been reported however that a fresh box of donuts on the front seat has caused a few cops to reconsider.




5. Talking your way out of the ticket. Claiming that you are a student and short of money. Asking the officer for another chance and promising that you will slow down.

  • This does work for Nuns

  • It sometimes works for cute girls and Grannies

  • It doesn't work for guys unless you know the officer is gay (caution: he might beat you with his night stick if you come on to him and he isn't gay)


6. Discrediting the officer on the witness stand with questions like. "What was the result of your last performance review?" or "How many complaints have been filed against you?" (another insider jewle)

  • This will only get the court mad at you. It will infuriate the Judge because you are insulting an officer of the court, the police officer who might just be his cousin.

  • This line of questioning will be ruled "irrelevant" as it has nothing to do with the charge against you.

  • Now the Judge, prosecutor and the police officer will be working against you at full steam because you are challenging the integrity of one of their own. (a band of Robbers Brothers)

  • Pleading guilty, or hitting your thumb with a hammer will be less painful then trying this one.


7. Using the race card.

  • This never has and never will work unless you have the backing of Reverend Jessie Jackson or Allan Sharpton with protestors marching outside the courthouse singing "we shall overcome"


8. Plead guilty, or plead No contest, or plead guilty with an explanation. The theory here is that by doing this you are throwing yourself at the mercy of the court. That when the court hears you story it will have compassion. Most bizarre is the theory that by doing so the fine will be less.

  • The fine is exactly the same as if you are found guilty. the amount of the fine is determined by statute. and there is no differentiation between being found guilty and pleading guilty.

  • The Judge may listen with great sympathy to your story or explanation, however once you pled guilty the Judge can not unplead you and find you not guilty. He will still impose the fine as directed by statute.

  • A plea of No Contest or more correctly "Nolo Contendre" is exactly the same as a plea of guilty.

  • Believe it or not! nine out of ten people plead one of the above. It makes me ask, "why did they bother coming to court?"


9: One site, in the material they sell (more insider information you see) gives you a wonderful cure for Laser. "paint your license plates with a non- reflective coating" or better yet, "remove the front license plate". They base this brilliance on the fact that the laser handbook states that the target should be the vehicles license plate when aiming the laser.

  • The license plate is only the aiming area because he is aiming at the frontal surface. The beam is 6 ft. wide at 1000 feet.


10. Pay a few dollars more then the fine. The State is supposed to reimburse you the difference. You never cash the check and because of that they can't close your account in accounting making it impossible to close the case and asses you points. ( What the insiders won't come up with?)

  • As soon as the Judge pronounces you guilty the conviction is entered into the record and points are assessed.

  • Only a timely appeal to a higher court will stop points being assessed until such time as the higher court makes a ruling.

  • If you pay more then the fine they just might keep the extra without as much as a thank you.


11. There are those that will tell you that their unique, ultra secret, defense is protected by copyright or a patent.

  •  Anyone can apply for a copyright but to be granted one is more difficult. The patent and copyright departments do no issue copyrights for defense strategies.

12. There is a claim at one site that if you buy their secrets and loose that they know of a philanthropic society that will pay your speeding ticket and court costs for you. They will give you the address of this society and if you lose, this benevolent society (like the Quakers) will pay your fine out of the kindness of their hearts. The site is at  (cut and paste the address to your browser because I won't link to that site)

  • You must believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Ferry

  • You must believe that reindeer fly and that there exists a society dedicated to paying your speeding tickets

  • If you believe this, call me, I know a guy ( he used to he a high up manager at Enron) that has ten thousand acres of Oceanside, yes Oceanside property in Arizona and some secret (hereto unknown and valuable) Enron shares to sell.


13. Best of all, there is a benevolent fraternity of former traffic cops across the USA and Canada dedicated to helping you beat your speeding ticket. The site is at (cut and paste the address to your browser because I won't link to that site)

  • I know, I know, hard to believe but true. Best just throw your fate to the wind, plead guilty and get it over with.


The list of tricks, scams and come-on's can go on. As to the tricks and scams, if you believe that you can trick or scam the court, the Judge, or the prosecuting attorney then you need your head examined. There is not one trick, one scheme, or excuse that they have not seen or heard before. There is no easy, one defense fits all approach. every court is different, every State has different laws and procedures. In some States they use a prosecutor, in others they don't. In most situations your trial will be not be in front of a Judge but rather in front of a Magistrate, a Justice of the Peace or a commissionaire of some sort. To defend yourself you have to know what it all means. Click on each one of these.


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