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Speeding Ticket Resource Books

  • There are no INSIDER SECRETS: Sites claiming to have them are bogus
  • Any guarantee as to the outcome of a trial is in itself a guarantee of a fraud
  • If someone does not let you preview their product it is because their product sucks
  • If someone offers testimonials you are reading testimonials that the site owner wrote himeself
  • If a site only has a sales pitch without relevant information to got with it, beware!
  • There is no such thing as a federation of retired police officers dedicated to helping you beat your ticket.
  • There is no such thing as a secret society dedicated to paying your speeding ticket for you
  • Information is the key to beating your ticket. Explore this site from the tabs at the top. There is more free information here then at all other speeding tickets sites combined. Including all of their alleged insider secrets and more.


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In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer

What makes The Tipmra different from all the other speeding ticket information available in books and on the net?


A.  The Tipmra is based on law, not supposed insiders knowledge, tricks schemes or scams. The tipmra is backed by case law and the rules of evidence. As a thanks there are some special goodies free as well



Q. Other books that I have read and most of the information available on the web recommend seeking an extension to the trial date. Does The Tipmra recommend this as well?


A. NO! If seeking an extension is the best these books or web sites can offer then they are selling garbage. See 'Debunking the Myth'


Q. Why no testimonials if The Tipmra is so effective?


A. I have a plethora of e-mails from happy and ecstatic Tipmra users and some that have lost their case as well. I also respect their privacy. Sites that offer up tons of testimonials either wrote them themselves, edited them and do not respect the privacy of their customers. Have you ever read a testimonial stating that their product sucks?


Rather then spew forth BS is fraudulent glowing testimonials I am doing what they won't do. I am giving you the full laser defense as an example of what the Tipmra is about.


Here is the entire LASER Defense unedited as a sample. Unlike others, I am not afraid to show what is in the Tipmra.



Q. Why don't you give a guarantee?


A. I am honest, there is no possible guarantee as to the outcome of a trial. I know some sites  guarantee that you will win. Not even the worlds best lawyer can do that. If someone is not satisfied, I have never refused a refund: Please see Matter of Guarantee:




Q. Is the Tipmra a secret like other sites claim to have?


A. There is no secret. The tipmra is simply the organized version of legal defenses that work. Every alleged insider secret that has any merit is incorporated into the Tipmra. Every piece of scam is discarded.


Q. I don't know the law and it scares me and I don't know if I can do it.


A. The Tipmra is like eating an Elephant. You can't do it in one bite. That is why in the members area I feed you information one bite at a time. Before you know it, you have eaten the Elephant.


Q. If it is the law, then why don't prosecutors come to court with all the material to win. Surely they know what you know?  

A. You are assuming something, (LEGAL TERM: "Facts not in evidence") Click here for the answer  WHY?


 Q. I am not a lawyer, I would not know what to do, what to ask, can I use The Tipmra?


A. The Tipmra is meant for non-lawyers, people like you and me who seldom if ever see the inside of a court room, yet alone fight a ticket.  It is simple, effective and does not require great skill. If you can read, you can beat your ticket.

Last year I had Grandma's, High School Students, Housewives, Truck Drivers and others use the tipmra and win.


Q. I got caught by radar, does The Tipmra work for that ?


A.  Yes, Radar, Laser, and even Officer Parker's speedometer.


Q.  Do I have to learn a lot to use The Tipmra ?


A.  No.


Q.  I get nervous easily, will I be able to use it ?


A.  I get nervous also, that is why The Tipmra is so simple and effective.  Even if you get nervous, The Tipmra works.  Remember it requires no special skill. If your brain gets rattled in court, just read from the printed sheets you brought with you.


Q. OK, all hype aside, how many people actually win in court using this Tipmra defense.


A. Over 90% win. Considering the options 90% is a dam good record when you consider all the possible variables in the court system. The exception is Iowa, Oregon and Washington State, there the average is lower because of their laws. All that defend themselves with the Tipmra gain a life experience and a new degree of confidence in themselves that can only be attained by the active participation in the Justice system.       see also Legal Facts and Fiction


Q. Why are you charging for The Tipmra?


A. There are those that are serious about winning and those that are not. A golden rule is that people don't appreciate something unless they put something into it themselves.  There is more information here on this site, for free, then in all the information put together that others are charging for.


It costs money in bandwidth charges to keep this site up. A site with a few pages and not many visitors is not expensive (have you ever noticed that a lot of the speeding ticket sites are on Angle fire and other similar free hosting plans).  As a Special thanks there are some special goodies free as well


Q.  I read all the information on the net, there is a lot out there, how come you have something special ?


A.  I don’t have anything special. The Tipmra defense strategy is based on law and Supreme Court Decisions, not magic.  The Tipmra is backed by researched appellate court rulings dealing with speeding convictions. To find these rulings you would have to search 19,872  3 inch thick volumes of books related to the case laws in 50 States. These case laws in their entirety are included with The Tipmra, the most important is 'St. Louis v. Boecker'. For Laser there is "ADMISSIBILITY OF MOTOR VEHICLE SPEED READINGS PRODUCED BY LASER" and for California residents a special case law 'The PEOPLE, Plaintiff v. Wendy EARNEST'. For Vascar 'The PEOPLE, Plaintiff v. Jeffrey B. JOHNSON'. For Picture Radar 'MUNICIPALITY OF ANCHORAGE v. Clyde BAXLEY,  and so on. 

What is case law? click here to find out  Case Law


Q.  My trial is in three days, is it too late for me to use the tipmra ?


A.  You get into the Tipmra members area tonight and win in the morning.  It's that simple.


Q.  Can I really win ?


A.  Yes, Yes and Yes.  Others have and so can you!








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