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Cop Eating a donut


  • Traffic cops are not the brightest of Gods creations. One in 20 tickets has a fatal flaw
  • The officer can't make changes to the ticket once he is on the stand
  • If the ticket states that laser was used and in court he testifies to calibrating a Radar unit, nail the pig to his motorcycle and ask for a dismissal (1 in 100 times something like this happens)
  • Depending on the time of day. Having an open box of donuts in the car can weaken his mind and he may put down something to the effect that your car was a 2004 Dunking Donut with jelly filling instead of a Red Ford.
  • If you are not sure that something on the ticket is a fatal flaw, bring it up in court anyway, it can't hurt.
  • People that just pay their ticket by mail may be paying full retail on a seriously flawed ticket and not even know it.  The real one

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Fatal Flaws can exist on your speeding ticket



Should the Gods have smiled upon you and granted a fatal flaw on you ticket, give thanks but don't count your chickens before they are hatched.


What you may consider as being fatal, the court may have a way of overcoming it or ignoring it altogether. In any event, you can always use a flaw to your advantage.


What Is a Fatal Flaw

Stealth Helicopter Speed Trap

The ticket acts as a affidavit or swearing where the officer swears that all the items are true. Should your car be a sedan and the ticket indicates that your vehicle was a pickup truck there is a problem because he has sworn that the vehicle speeding was a pickup however the person he gave a ticket to was in a sedan. Therefore the person that got the ticket could not have been the one speeding.


If the officer fails to sign the ticket you may have a good reason for asking for a dismissal. The reason is that the ticket represents the arrest and is the officers affidavit to the court that you committed the offense specified. If it is unsigned it has the force of a unsigned affidavit. That is it has no legal standing. The motion to dismiss would go like this. "Your Honor, Defense motions for dismissal as the affidavit containing the charge is unsigned and legally incompetent as a charge against the defendant."


  • The ticket describes something other then that which is: example; The type make or color of the car is wrong. You are identified as a male when in fact you are female. Stating the color as red rather then burgundy or Ford rather then Ford Cavalier is not fatal. Stating that the car is a red Toyota rather then a blue Ford is fatal.
  • The ticket fails to describe the place of the arrest. Remember for conviction two items must be proven. Your speed and the speed zone you were in. Without delineating the location there is no evidence as to what speed zone you were in. The ticket can say 70 in a 30, but without a location described there is no way for them to prove that in fact you were in a 30 mph zone. ( be careful, stating that you were on Klingon St. within the municipality of Zoar is sufficient if all streets in Zoar are posted as a 30 mph zone.
  • The ticket does not have the arresting officers name on it.


What is not a fatal flaw



  • Misspelling your name
  • Not having all the numbers on your license or license plate correct
  • Not listing the speed measuring device used
  • The color describing your car is not exactly your color, however it is close
  • The make and model of car is close but not exact


Use any flaw to your advantage


  • Any flaw, fatal or not, or any fatal flaw not deemed fatal by the Judge can be used to your advantage. You can always as a question of the officer to any testimony he makes with: " Officer is your recollection concerning (whatever it is he testified to) as being as accurate or more accurate then what you recorded in writing, at the time of the arrest on the ticket where (mention the flaw)? This is called 'Impeaching the Witness'


  • Impeaching the witness is great fun, I personally enjoy it and it can not hurt your defense. If you use The Tipmra it is not a necessary as part of your defense, however I would use it for sheer enjoyment purposes. If you use a lame defense that is not based on The Tipmra it will help.









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