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Speeding Ticket Notables



Cop on a put put motercycle cahsing a speeder


  • More people have beaten their speeding ticket using the Tipmra defense then all the other defenses put together
  • The Tipmra pages for the general public contains more relevant speeding ticket information then all the other speeding ticket sites combined
  • As a thanks there are some special goodies free as well


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Read Channel 5 News - St. Louis

interview with the Author of the Tipmra 



Beat that Evil Speeding Violation


Beat that Evil Speeding Ticket


This is the premier site for information on beating a speeding ticket. There are no INSIDER SECRETS here. Here you will only find defense strategies that are Court Tested and Trial Proven to work consistently. The accumulation of workable strategies is called The Tipmra which is named after the infamous armpit of Law enforcement, the speed trap cops.


The Tipmra

The Tipmra is a series of proven defense strategies designed to work together to maximize your chance of winning in court. No person can guarantee the outcome of a trial but with the Tipmra you can guarantee yourself  the best defense.


The tipmra is always evolving, employing what is proven to work and discarding what does not. No site has as much speeding ticket information and no site constantly collects and disseminates the relevant information as it becomes available. The Tipmra has been completely redone with all the latest and greatest defenses that have been proven effective in a court of Law and the heat of battle.


(Read Channel 5 News - St. Louis interview with the Author of the Tipmra


Most sites selling their INSIDER SECRETS guarantee the results. No honest person can make such a guarantee. You can have the Tipmra for free or you can contribute by paying for it. If you contribute and are unhappy for any reason with the product, a courteous refund will be issued and you will still be welcome to the members area. Anyone making a guarantee that you will win is taking you for a sucker.


Anyone can use the Tipmra to it's fullest effect

The tipmra is set up so that anyone can use it. You don't have to memories anything. The case laws that you present have been researched and provided for you. The motions you make, the questions you ask and your responses to any of the prosecutions or Judges objections are read in court from your notes. The Tipmra is in a 1,2,3 format where one item follows the other as events unfold at trial. But it is more then that; The Tipmra is also a full tutorial on the law and how it relates to speeding tickets.


You get to Preview the Tipmra before you make a decision

I hate it, an I know you do as well when someone asks you to buy something but they won't tell you exactly what is is you are buying. They won't let you preview the product. Rather then giving you a preview they give you testimonials that they wrote themselves.


The Tipmra contains no secrets because there are none. The tipmra simply consists of the known workable defenses which are backed by case law and then organized in such a way as to be effective and useable by anyone. There are also specialty defenses such as The Verification Defense and the CFR Defense.


The Defense for preview is for Laser. That is where the officer used a Laser device, also known as Lidar to determine your speed. The other defenses are similar but specific to the device used such as radar or Vascar.


A Preview is meaningless unless you have a basic understanding of what it is you are previewing.  Although you can go directly to the preview from within the menu buttons above, I strongly suggest you follow the short course set up for your benefit. At the end of the course will be a link to the Laser Defense.


There is no One Size Fits All defense

The differences between States and courts must be addressed in your defense. There is no magic pill, no one killer item that will work universally. This site teaches you what you have to know about the law and the different situations in different States as they apply to your defense.  Please use the tabs at the top to explore the wealth of information contained here. You will find more information here for free; more then is available at all other sites combined including their defenses strategies and alleged insider secrets.


Lesson 1; a sample speeding ticket trial   CLICK HERE






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