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insolent insurance company employee


I'm sorry but your insurance rate must be adjusted.

  • Lets see. You have two tickets and drive a Neon. That puts you in our high risk category
  • I'm sorry but we will need the title to your home as collateral to pay for any accident that you may have while insured with us
  • Our insurance rates department has been outsourced to India. You will have to communicate by email because I doubt that you will be able to understand them if you reach them by phone.


Q. Is the information of my ticket registered for insurance purposes before I get a conviction or plead guilty?

A. NO. Until you are either found guilty at trial or plead guilty the ticket is only an allegation.

Q. If I beat my ticket will it be registered?

A. NO. If you win in court there will be no record.

Q. If I request driving school to avoid points, will my ticket be registered for insurance purposes? (Driving School)

A. Yes. Avoiding points only goes towards your drivers license suspension threshold. Nothing Else.

Q. If I get my speeding ticket reduced to a non moving violation like a broken tail light or noisy muffler will it be registered for insurance purposes?

A. NO. A non moving violation has no bearing on your insurance rate.

Q. Why will the insurance companies raise my rates even if I never had an accident but just a few tickets?

A. Because they can. Their statistics show that you are not much more of a risk because of a few tickets bit they make a big deal out of it, portray you as a high risk and double or triple your rate. Their risk goes up only slightly but their bottom line goes up big time. READ "THE INSURANCE SCAM".









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