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Dumb Officer Parker


  • By requesting the officer to appear you have a 30% chance that he won't show. In which case your case will be dismissed, if You ask for a dismissal.
  • You have to read the ticket. It will tell you if they have this negative option where the officer won't show unless you request his presence. Laws change and even if you went to trial before and did not have to request the officer, you may have to now.
  • In some Counties, cities and States the officer does not get paid for appearing in court. In those places you have a better then 50/50 chance that the officer won't show. He isn't going to come in on his time off to testify. Not for a ticket anyway.  The real one


The court isn't stupid, it knows that if the officer does not show that it will have to dismiss your case. On the other hand if they give you a warning stating that unless you request the officer and inform you of that fact in writing, you have little to complain about if the officer doesn't show. If you didn't request the scumbag and he does not show, the court will not dismiss the ticket because you didn't request his presence.


It costs money and the officers time to have him appear in court. It also means that they should provide a prosecutor to question him. They will try to introduce into evidence, either a written statement from the officer or just the ticket itself as to your guilt. They assume that you don't know your rights to cross examination and they know that you can't cross examine a document. It makes for fast, assembly line convictions of ignorant unprepared defendants.  


Rather then placing the Burdon of proof onto the prosecution it places the Burdon onto you to prove that you are not guilty. The only defenses you are left with are those the other sites and books suggest, the ones that don't work.


For The Tipmra, the only proven defense, to work you should have the officer present. The prosecution will try to introduce evidence, which the Tipmra will make inadmissible. Once the evidence becomes inadmissible the trial is over, and you win. (if he does not show, and you required his presence, ask for a dismissal)


If you think that without the officer present to contradict what you are saying to the Judge that you have a better chance of wining then I suggest that you have your head examined.


The negative option (where unless you do something special that the officer is not required to appear) is in fact unconstitutional. The court is betting on your ignorance of the law and lack of a proper defense. ( although unconstitutional it has been included in the Statutes of the State where they do this. Unless you are prepared to take a constitutional challenge to the supreme Court he Judge will tell you "So Sad, Too Bad")


If you are armed and prepared with The Tipmra, you have nothing to fear from the officer. If you are not using the Tipmra as you defense, then yes, having the officer present can burry you. But then again, without the Tipmra you are buried anyway.


If you requested his presence, and the Officer does not show, you can motion for Dismissal and the court will grant it.













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