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Don't trust him


  • At last count there are 137 sites selling speeding ticket information. There are not 137 ways to beat a ticket.
  • If a site looks like a sales pitch, sounds like a sales pitch and smells like a sales pitch for dubious goods. chances are, it is a sales pitch for dubious goods
  • A good defense makes sense from the start. If it does not make good sense to you, how do you expect it to make good sense to a Judge?
  • I have learned that when it comes to money, the two most feared words that I can hear are "TRUST ME"

Tipmra.com  The real one


In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer





My Favorite: When the officer comes to your car and asks what the hurry was "Officer, a few years ago my wife ran away with a State trooper and I thought you were bringing her back".


All Kidding aside, there are other strategies. Those that don't work or don't work very well. Sites that promote these strategies are easily recognizable.

  • They make an outrageous claim that your victory in court is somehow guaranteed
  • They won't tell you what the strategy is but they promise you that it is good
  • They have testimonials that praise the strategy
  • The site is one long page. The only link is to their credit card processing page
  • They claim some insider knowledge
  • Some make reference to case law and the admissibility of evidence, these sell older copied versions of the Tipmra
  • You won't find pages like you do here explaining almost everything to do with speeding tickets


There are exceptions: These sites have good usable information.

  • ticketassassin.com/  This site pertains to California only. The information is good (you will find a lot of the same information in the California section of the Tipmra). although they have testimonials I find them credible. They don't pretend to have a secret and come right out front with their defense. You can have all the information for Free, all they ask for is a donation if they have been helpful.
  • FYST (Fight Your Speeding Tickets) Is a Canadian site based in Ottawa Canada. Although the information is more relevant to Canadian Law, many of the principals apply here as well. FYST, other then the Tipmra site itself has the most relevant information available. Some of what you find at FYST has been incorporated into the Tipmra Defense. Unfortunately one of the US sites selling insider secrets has usurped part of the fine FYST name. http://www.beat-speeding-ticket.info/resources/1/fyst.html reverts back to http://www.beat-speeding-ticket.info which is a site with two obnoxious flashing cop cars and a title telling you HOW TO BEAT A SPEEDING TICKET.  You can download the information from the REAL FYST at http://www.c7performance.com/driving/fyst0499.pdf in PDF format. NOTE: there are a few more unscrupulous sites using the FYST name to promote their product by getting a better search engine position and pretending to be the real FYST.
  • ticketkiller.com Promotes the CFR defense which is included with the Tipmra.
  • beatmyspeedingticket.com Sells an older version of the Tipmra. Originally I sold right to reproduce the tipmra on a limited basis for automotive sales sites. Beatmyspeedingticket.com is in direct completion now with the REAL Tipmra. No one has a liscense to reproduce the new revised version available here.
  • CopRadar.com Donald Sawicki's site is the most definitive as to how radar and laser works. It provides no defense strategy because it caters primarily to law enforcement and technocrats. A useful place if you want to dig deep into details.




  • The Technical defense: The Tipmra is based on the admissibility of evidence and some esoteric technical requirements. To argue a full technical defense requires serious study and knowledge of physics and mathematics and is beyond the scope of the tipmra or the average defendant. However if you feel that you want to get into the technical fight then I strongly recommend Donald Sawicki's excellent site CopRadar.com. Other places promoting a technical defense just don't know what they are talking about.


  • The Talking yourself out of a ticket: A few sites promote this or as an add on to their insider information. It is always worth a try. However this usually works for only grandma's, cute girls and Nuns.
  • The Discovery Defense: This is where you send discovery letters to the court, prosecutor and the police and anyone else that you can think of. You have the right for discovery however you will find that the prosecutor and his minions know how to overcome this. You will be in court hoping that the Judge will dismiss your case based on the prosecutions inability to provide all the material sought in discover concerning the reliability of the speed measuring device used. It may surprise you, but the prosecution does not have to turn over everything to you. It can always argue that what you sought was irrelevant and not germane to the case. YOU ARE STILL LEFT WITHOUT A DEFENSE STRATEGY! Sites that promote this do so by saying something to the effect that they have a secret where you beat your ticket by writing to the court. If you want to know what discovery is CLICK HERE
  • The Driving School Defense: Yes, another one of those INSIDER SECRETS. This is where you ask the prosecutor or Judge to be permitted to take driving school. Most States and Canadian Provinces allow for this on a one time basis every three years. It prevents points being assed against your license and often prevents your insurance rates from going up. You will still have to pay the fine and court costs as well as the fees charged by the driving school. This option is available only after you plead guilty or are found guilty, not before. Why not have your case tried, even without the Tipmra you might get lucky if the cop does not show. (To learn the truth about driving school and your insurance rates CLICK HERE)
  • The TIME to PAY Defense: Ask the Judge for time to pay your ticket because you are short of funds. This is done in the hope of reducing the fine or possibly the court forgetting about collecting the fine from you eventually. Believe it or Not !  this strategy is advocated and for sale on the web.
  • The Cop Does not Show up for Trial: This is the secret defense promoted by most sites claiming to be some cop with insider knowledge. Only a dumb cop would have us think that we don't know that defense.
  • The Pay a Dollar more then the Fine Defense: Yes, I know it is stupid, but to some people it makes perfect sense. The idea is to pay a dollar more then the amount of the fine in the belief that it will confuse the system, your check won't be cashed and your case ends up in never-never-land. I hate to tell you but they will cash your check and keep the extra buck. Another insider secret!


You have a better chance of winning by going to your local VOODOO store and buying a cop doll to stick pins into. But then again who am I to Judge? It isn't my ticket, it's yours and you are welcome to use any defense that you deem appropriate. Even the VOODOO defense is better then no defense at all.







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