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Poor Work Kitty

You may have to put your kitty cat to work if they raise your rates.  The real one



The fine on a speeding ticket is small when compared to what the Insurance Companies will and can do to you. If you decide to fight your ticket or just pay it by throwing in the towel, this page is the very important.  THIS INFORMATION WILL HELP YOU AVOID THAT RATE INCREASE.


Every municipality issuing a speeding ticket is linked to some States main Traffic Violation Computer. Every Insurance Company Computer is linked to every States Computer. Every ticket is recorded and every speeding conviction is tracked by the insurance companies. Every one, from every State.


Your rates are determined by computer and if you trigger your insurance companies threshold your rates will go up, big time. The rule of thumb is:


  • One ticket every three years - no increase
  • Two or more tickets in three years - increase
  • One ticket and one minor accident in three years - increase
  • Three tickets, or two tickets and one minor accident - increase BIG TIME


Once they have increased your rate it is too late to do much about it. If you then apply to other insurance companies for quotes their rates will reflect the fact that your insurance company has raised your rates. The rates offered will only be competitive as related to your now higher rate. Evil, isn't it?


To prevent this you should  get quotes from as many insurance companies as you can BEFORE the renewal date of your present policy.


What happens is that your insurance companies computers will detect that you are shopping (if you broadcast your request it goes everywhere and your insurance company computer will catch it and determine that you are shopping). They know that the quotes you get are valid for up to 90 days and that if they raise your rate you will probably switch. They assume that you have a valid lower quote in your hand. In short, their computer will automatically raise your threshold to prevent the rate increase they were going to hit you with.  They want to keep you as a paying customer and stop you from switching.


Don't Wait until your ticket, an additional ticket or accident triggers that rate increase. You never know where the next ticket or accident can come from. READ "THE INSURANCE SCAM". (remember, your ticket is not yet registered. That happens only when you plead guilty or lose in court because you didn't use the Tipmra Defense)

You can search the net for insurance companies and place applications one at a time or you can click on the links I have provided. Spend a few minutes to have all the insurance companies get your quote request in one easy step. I have checked out these places. The quotes will come either by mail or email and no one will call you. Best of all, it's FREE. ( HINT: apply to both links to maximize your exposure ) If someone should call you, just tell them that you are reviewing quotes by email.


IT'S FREE! IT'S PAINLESS and it can save you from that evil rate increase. You might even find that your insurance company has been soaking you.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT include your present ticket when it asks for the number of tickets in the past five years. Your present ticket is not yet a conviction and does not count until it is a conviction. If you use the Tipmra defense it probably won't be either. Count only tickets for the past three years because tickets over three years old are purged from the States Computer System. (you can confess to five years worth of tickets if you so desire or can remember them all)



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