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Cat drawing on a chack board answering tipmra questions

Why are you doing this?

  • I want as many as possible to beat their ticket. Not everyone is flush with $29.95. Many defendants are students, the elderly and some are just hardworking people low on cash. I don't want to deny anyone a chance at the best defense.
  • If you scam me and make a phony application I will never know. But you will. Karma has a way of seeking it's own level of justice.
  • Only about 7% get approved. All that apply get the tipmra for free. Anything you can do to help increase this percentage is appreciated.  The real one

In Today's World a Radar Jammer Radar Detector is essential to prevent tickets  Radar Detector/Jammer




  • Is the free Tipmra contingent on me being approved. NO, your membership is instant once you have applied. All I am asking is that you apply.
  • What if I enter a bunch of false information? Well, then you have scammed me and lost the possibility of acquiring a great low interest credit card as well.  Please, don't do that! I am being honest and fair with you by making it possible for you to get a the tipmra for free. Be honest and fair with me.
  • What if my credit rating is lousy and there is no possibility of me ever getting a credit card? Then just click on either of both of the two links near the bottom of the Credit card page. These cards carry guaranteed approval with no credit check and a credit line of $5,000 and $6,000 respectively. They are not MasterCard's or Visa's but an excellent way to get back a good credit rating while affording you a high credit limit at the same time.
  • Will a charge appear on the credit card that I am applying for. ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  • What if I am approved and they send me a credit card? Congratulations, you have another credit card. Use it or throw it away.




  • You get the best Speeding Ticket Defense for Free.
  • NO money from your pocket, no charge whatsoever.
  • This site maintains the financial support it needs without you spending a dime


If you don't want to apply for a Visa, Discover or MasterCard from my links then please pay for the Tipmra. I am making this offer as an alternative to save you money. Do me a favor and I will do one for you.


This is a WIN WIN situation for both of us. You get the greatest Speeding Ticket Defense in the world for free and possibly a great low interest - no annual fee major credit card to add to your collection. To make this a WIN WIN for both of us, you have to do your part by applying, I'll do mine by giving you the Tipmra for free.





My Thanks - Roland Hoeffener - Author of the Tipmra and Webmaster







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