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Old Time Speeding Ticket

Ticket Factoids

  • By signing the ticket you are in effect 'Making Bail'. Your signature acts as bond.
  • By signing the ticket you are not admitting guilt.
  • If you do not sign the ticket, the cop can, and most likely will, arrest you.
  • Most States and Provinces have reciprocate agreements whereby should you fail to pay the ticket or fail to appear in court, your home State will take license action against you.
  • IF you get an out of State ticket and the State has no reciprocate agreement with your home State the officer will require payment of the fine plus court costs as bail. IF you don't have the cash, or a credit card, you will be taken to jail. In some situations he will arrest you, and jail anyway. They don't take checks.
  • Many police cars are now equipped with credit card machines. I will let you guess their purpose.  The real one

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Also known as, The Pleading which happens to be the Charge against you.

Examine the ticket: The important side is the side the officer did not fill in. It is the side explaining what it is you are supposed to do if you intend to fight.

Every state has their own format and in many states every jurisdiction may have its own format. There is no standard format. Consider this side as being designed with evil and malicious intent. Some of the information of evil intent may also be on the other side.

Here is what to look for and do


  • If you intend to plead not guilty or contest the ticket what must you do.

  • If you want the officer to be at your hearing what must you do

  • If you want to subpoena witnesses what must you do

  • Is it an infraction or an misdemeanor ( this relates to your 6th amendment rights)

  • If you want to examine any records or have copies of records, what must you do


Not doing as the ticket specifies is not fatal, however it will make your defense harder, possibly cause a second time consuming hearing, and may cause unwanted confusion.


Special Directions



  • If you send anything by mail send it registered, return receipt and keep a copy of what you sent. Bring it to court with you.
  • If the ticket states anything to the effect that if you want the arresting officer present you must do something. DO IT ! You want the arresting officer present. I know , it sounds stupid, but you defiantly, absolutely, positively want to request the officer be there. Click on here to find out . Why you want the Officer present .
  • If your ticket says that you may subpoena the officer, do so This is a trick, the officer will not show up and the Judge will say that you should have subpoenaed the officer. Your case will not be dismissed and the Judge will use the officers written deposition as evidence. (IF you don't know how to do this or the ticket directions are not very clear; call the court clerk to find out how do subpoena the officer)
  • If the ticket says that you must do something concerning discovery and you intend to use The Tipmra. Reply with these words only. 'The Defendant requests the prosecution present in court competent foundation to any evidence it intends to introduce.'
  • If the ticket says the degree of proof is 'preponderance of the evidence' on it. Panic unless you use The Tipmra. (This has a small impact on a Tipmra defense; it is the kiss of defeat if you use any other defense). If you don't use The Tipmra, this means that  the Judge will consider  it is more then likely that you were speeding and find you guilty. That is preponderance of the evidence. (You should read the standards of proof )


Now read the rest of the ticket and try to determine what method was used to determine your speed. If it is not indicated on your ticket you can request this information from the court. The court may give you a wrong answer. Unless the ticket specifically states the method or you know what method was used then come prepared with all defenses, Laser (lidar), Radar, Vascar and speedometer defenses.


Last: look for a fatal flaw on the ticket. Click here for Fatal Flaws.


  • Elwood: did you bring along a copy of The Tipmra?
  • Jake: Them speed trap cops sure are the smelly armpit of the law.
  • Elwood: If I tear up this ticket like confetti, will it make good cat litter?
  • Jake: I can't think of a Cat yet alone a Human being that wouldn't want to, you know, "empty the bladder on the ticket".
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