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  • The tipmra is the most copied speeding ticket defense in the world
  • The Tipmra is the original. The one that others try to imitate but can't duplicate
  • The Tipmra is designed for ease of use by non-lawyers like you
  • The success rate for tipmra users in in the 90% range nation wide. Not even the great Johnny Cockrin or Jerry Spense can give you that kind of success rate.
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The Tipmra is the trial tested and court proven speeding defense for non lawyers. It is the defense trial tested to beat your ticket. The Tipmra has been developed over a thirty year period, refined, tested and re-tested across Canada and the USA. It is available to everyone that is serious about winning in court to beat his or her speeding ticket. It is easy to understand and use by everyone. No legal or courtroom skills are required. It is soundly based on the rules of evidence and High Court Decisions specific to speeding violations. ( 'Case Law' )

The Tipmra is not a trick or sneaky scam you try on the court. It simply makes you an informed defendant by giving you the legal tools with which to challenge the evidence against you.


There is no 'One Size Fits All' in the court system. Speeding ticket rules vary from State to State and region to region within those States. Trials are by Judges, Magistrates Commissionaires and Justices of the Peace. Sometimes there is a prosecutor and sometimes not. In some places the officer must appear in others, not The twists and turns are far to numerous to mention. The Tipmra recognizes that and makes allowances of the differences. It is not perfect, no such thing exists. But considering all the alternatives the Tipmra is by far the most comprehensive and well organized accumulation of all defense strategies that are known to work.


The Tipmra starts off with giving you the basics on understanding what you will be doing in court, how the court system works and how to use the defense strategies. It then goes on to the four basic defenses, Laser, Radar, vascar and Pace. A fifth strategy, the Verification Defense is added so that you can challenge any documents that are presented that may no be favorable to your defense.


There are sections on how to deal with the objections that you are likely to encounter when you present your defense. There is the exhaustive case law library which contains all known pertinent case laws dealing with speeding tickets. There are sections on how to proceed where a prosecutor is present and where one is not. So on and so forth.

The Tipmra is organized in such a way that use what works for your region and disregards what does not. It is designed in such a way that by the time you are finished you have organized and printed out you own defense outline, with case laws and questions to ask. When you get to court, you are armed to the teeth and prepared.


If you are looking for a Quick Fix or Magic potent that works everywhere then you are at the wrong place. There are plenty of sites selling those quick fixes, insider knowledge and snake oil cures that are guaranteed to beat your ticket and re-grow hair.


The only assurance you have with the tipmra is that if for any reason you are not satisfied or happy with what you get, I will refund your money, without question, immediately and unconditionally. See Assurance  I do not can can not in all honesty guarantee the outcome of your trial. Guarantees of that sort are available elsewhere. Just type in guaranteed speeding ticket defense into your search engine and you will have plenty of defenses to chose from.


What I can say is that no site has something that works that the Tipmra does not have. No site has as much information as the tipmra and none is organized in such a way as to make the law easy for your to understand and use in court. None has a link to a prepaid legal library where you can do extra research as you see fit.


A tremendous amount of work has been done into making the Tipmra what it is. It isn't complete and probably never will be. As new information becomes available it is included. It has been reviewed by attorneys and yes I have Law school students use the information contained in the tipmra for their class projects at their universities. For updates not yet included in the Tipmra there is the Updates Page.


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