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  • For some police Departments Speeding ticket revenue pays for the entire department
  • Most accidents happen at intersections at speeds under 30 MPH
  • If everyone never exceeded the speed limit we would require 18% more roads to keep the traffic load per mile the same as it is now.
  • Insurance companies profit from the speeding ticket industry  The real one

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Remember when Nixon imposed the 55 MPH speed limit on the highways. Speed limits went from 70 and 75 to 55 for many years. The reason given for the change was for fuel conservation. The amount of highway accidents remained unchanged. Cops gave tickets to people for driving at what used to be the speed limit. In other words, had Nixon not changed the speed limit these people would not have gotten tickets.

You would think that the insurance companies would not have raised the rates on someone with two or three tickets where they were doing 70 in a 55 when the old limit used to be 70. WRONG! They raised their rates like crazy. Jacked them up at every ticket. WHY? Because they could.

I can remember the cars I drove in the late 60's 70's and 80's. Compared to today's cars they were unstable at any speed. Today's cars are perfectly safe at 85 MPH, safer then cars of yesterday at 70 MPH. Breaking and steering is better. Today's suspensions are far superior to what we used to have with the same speed limits. As a matter of fact a person in today's car is safer at 85 then he was in yesterday's car at 70.

Last year there were 61,000,000 speeding tickets issued. In 1980 there were 28,000,000 tickets issued (National Traffic Institute). Today we have less accidents, and fatalities per mile driven then we did in 1980. We also have more tickets issued per mile driven then we did in 1980. The insurance companies point to this statistic and proclaim. "THERE IS AN OBVIOUS LINK BETWEEN TICKETS ISSUED AND TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES". The logic sounds solid, doesn't it?

They use this logic to justify their contention that they have to raise rates when a person gets more then one ticket. They use this logic on you to convince you that the rate increase is justified. They use this logic on congress to grant them unprecedented access to your driving records, in particular your speeding ticket records from every State.

The reason we have less accidents and fatalities today then in 1980 is because our cars are better and safer. The reason we have more tickets today is because our cars travel faster safely then in 1980. Another factor entering the equation is that Insurance companies are providing free radar and laser guns to police departments with the obvious objective of increasing ticket production. Municipalities are increasing ticket production to raise revenue lost in Federal tax cuts and allotments to localities.

This is not to be interpreted as Myself condoning speeding or breaking the law. It simply illustrates some facts that the insurers use to justify rate increases that in reality are not justified other then for the fattening of someone's bottom line at our expense.

There is a difference between reckless, careless and drunk driving and speeding. Yes all of these drivers may speed and often do but the amount of tickets they acquire is not significantly different then any one else's unless they have an accident or get busted at as a DUI.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT include your present ticket when it asks for the number of tickets in the past five years. Your present ticket is not yet a conviction and does not count until it is a conviction. If you use the Tipmra defense it probably won't be either. Count only tickets for the past three years because tickets over three years old are purged from the States Computer System.

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