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  • Case laws don't grow old, there is no expiration date. Newer case laws build on the findings of older case laws
  • The Grandfather of all speeding ticket case law is Boecker. It is the cornerstone of speeding ticket case law
  • Boecker makes calibration important
  • Langford makes calibration before and after the arrest important
  • Not all States have pertinent case law. In those situations trial Judges are encouraged to consider case laws from sister States
  • By reading case laws you will realize the importance of raising an issue at trial. If you don't raise the issue during trial, it can't be considered, even on appeal


Sample Laser Defense


Trial Transcript - 1


Trial Transcript - 2  The real one




What is Case Law???

Well, it actually is not law at all. It is decisions and rulings from the highest courts that guide Judges in the lower courts. Roe vs. Wade and Miranda vs. Florida are case laws. They don't appear in the Statutes however they have a serious effect. For Speeding tickets there is pertinent case law as well.


Take Miranda for example. You have heard about it, it is your right to remain silent and have an attorney present. Cops are supposed to read you your warning when they arrest you (sorry, not applicable to speeding tickets). How many times have you heard of evidence being thrown out because someone didn't read the accused his Miranda warning correctly?


Roe v. Wade is another example. It does not legalize or decriminalize abortion. It is not a law. It is a ruling by the Supreme court that interprets the US constitution in a way that gives women certain rights as to their own body. Bottom line it makes it almost impossible to convict someone of murder when performing an abortion. (did you know that laws outlawing abortion are still on the books is most States?)


The definition of Case Law is

The aggregate of reported cases as forming a body of jurisprudence, or law of a particular subject as evidenced by adjudicated cases, in distinction to statutes and other sources of law. ( Blacks Law Dictionary )


In simpler terms: The legal principals established by written opinions of Judges in individual cases. The decisions of higher courts are binding on lower courts. This rule is called STARE DESCISIS. It means that the decisions act like law in the same way Statutes are law.


Simpler yet: Statutes are laws written by the legislatures. They are published in a book that deals with rules and regulations. The law's effect, interpretation, special circumstances and constitutionality can only be tested when an appealed issue to a ruling is brought before the High Court in a contested case. The rulings the High Court then makes becomes case law which guides the lower courts.


The Tipmra uses applicable Case Laws where necessary. There are a lot of them that apply directly to the evidence in a speeding trial. They guide your trial Judge, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace or Commissionaire as to the high court rulings concerning the admissibility of the evidence against you. Should the foundation to the evidence comply with the rulings, then you will be found guilty. Should the foundation be lacking as to the high court rulings then the evidence presented can become inadmissible and the case against you dismissed. (read trial transcript - 1 to see how this works at trial)


When you present case law in court you must present a complete and unedited copy, otherwise it will not be considered. There should be three copies, one for the Judge, one for the prosecutor (if there is one) and one for yourself.


All the case law that is available and relevant is included in the tipmra archives. The tipmra guides you as to which case laws to use where and when.


You have learned a lot so far. I am proud of you. You can now read the sample Laser defense. After you do so you should read the two trial transcripts that I have included. In the first one, which is for Pace, the defendant wins.  In the second, which is for Vascar, the defendant loses. You will be able to see what the defendant did right and wrong in these cases and it will help you understand why the Tipmra Defense is so powerful.


After you are done with the Laser Defense and the two trial transcripts I suggest you explore the remainder of this site from the pull down tabs at the top. There is a plethora of information here and all of is is relevant to your knowledge if you intend to fight and win. No other site and defiantly no scam site gives out so much information. I want you to win, to win you need good information, the correct information and the best defense strategies currently available that have been trial tested and court proven.








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