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Pland B Morning after pill


  • It is always advisable to have a plan B prepared and ready for use.  The real one



Think of the application as being like the morning after pill. Face it, when you got the ticket, you got screwed, you don't want to get pregnant as well. Like the morning after pill if you wait or forget to take it, you might just get pregnant. Like the morning after pill, applying now, today, this moment it is 99% effective. If you don't do it now the chances are 99% that you will forget, it will slip your mind and you will next remember this warning after your rate went up. After it is too late.


A normal good time to apply is about 60 days prior to your renewal date. This gives you a valid alternative in the event they did raise your rate. However you might forget to do it at that time or it may already be 60 days prior you your renewal date. The insurance company computer knows that you went shopping even if it is five months from the renewal date. The computer also knows that some of the companies will send you new and fresh quotes about 30 days before the renewal date. To keep your business they will adjust your tolerance threshold to avoid a rate increase and in many situations actually offer a lower rate at renewal time to stay competitive.


In other words, should you forget to apply again 60 days before renewal you are still safe. If you do not apply now when you have your computer turned on and the link at your finger tips you might just end up like the woman that didn't take her morning after pill when she should have.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT include your present ticket when it asks for the number of tickets in the past five years. Your present ticket is not yet a conviction and does not count until it is a conviction. If you use the Tipmra defense it probably won't be either. Count only tickets for the past three years because tickets over three years old are purged from the States Computer System. (you can confess to five years worth of tickets if you so desire or can remember them all)



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