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  • Gives you the most complete and comprehensive, trial tested, speeding ticket defense in the world
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  • Your feedback brings on revisions. Revisions bring on refinements that that end up helping others caught in the speed trap racket to win.
  • Together we can make a difference in the speeding ticket racket. Your support is appreciated.
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The Tipmra costs $29.95, It has all the information you need to win in court and more. You will benefit by having the worlds best speeding defense at your side when you beat that evil ticket and take that smirk off of Officer Parkers face. As a thanks there are some special goodies free as well


Your purchase or credit card application provides the funds necessary to keep this site going. I am certain that by now you have noticed a difference between this site and others selling speeding ticket defense information. The funds this site generates goes back to the members in improvements, hiring attorneys for review of the content and much more. As a Special thanks there are some special goodies free as well


The Tipmra has more information then all the books and all the sites on the web combined regarding speeding ticket defense. The tipmra is refined, Trial Tested and Court Proven. It is the defense that works. True, some sites copy from the Tipmra and pretend to have some original secret information. Imitation is the best form of flattery.


The Tipmra is always up to date. It is revised on a regular basis and updates that are between revisions are available in the updates section. The law is always changing and new information is always becoming available. Someone has to the the work of revisions, checking out new possible defense improvements so on and so forth. If you won't support this work then it won't happen. Just like there is no benevolent society of Quakers dedicated to paying your speeding ticket fine for you (as on site maintains there is and they know the secret), there is no benevolent Tipmra Society willing to take money from their own pocket to provide you with the best speeding ticket defense that there is.


Your support is necessary to keep things going.


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