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Work Zone Rules

  • Cops love setting up speed traps in work zones. Easy Pickings, but you may be surprised to know they usually do it WHEN WORKERS ARE NOT PRESENT. They don't want to cause an accident or injury or block traffic by having someone pulled over when the roads have been narrowed and workers are everywhere.
  • The CFR Defence is not applicable to work zones.
  • If the normal speed is 65 MPH and the work zone speed posted is 45 and your ticket is for 75 in a 45 MPH work zone and the ticket was issued with no workers present. Then: don't argue that you were going 70.
  • If you are going to argue that workers were not present you will should get some form of letter from the construction company as to the hours that their workers are on site.
  • Remember the time of the ticket must be on the ticket. If it is not you can clearly argue that since there is no time on the ticket that there can be no evidence that the time was when workers were present.  The real one

 Fine Legislation in Work Zones
Listed by State
The following table lists enhanced fines for speeding or other violations in traffic work zones.

Pay special attention if workers were present or not present. Your ticket may be void able depending on the situation.
Violations AffectedWorkers Must be PresentType of Enhanced Fine
Fixed ($)Multiple of Original Fine
AlabamaCode of Ala. 32-5A-176.1 2001speedingyes---2X
AlaskaAlaska Stat. 28.40.0701999all traffic violationsno---2X
ArizonaA.R.S. 28-7102001speedingyes---2X
ArkansasA.C.A 27-50-4081995moving traffic violationsyes---2Xa
CaliforniaCal Veh Code  420091994numerous violations specifiedyes---2X
ColoradoC.R.S. 42-4-17011997speedingno---2X
ConnecticutConn. Gen. Stat. 14-212a1995all moving vehicle violationsyes---2X
Delaware21 Del. C. 41051990numerous violations specifiedno---no less than 2X for a 1st offense
FloridaFla. Stat. 318.181996speedingyes---2X
GeorgiaO.C.G.A. 40-6-1881995speedingyesb$100-$2000, or up to 12 mo. jail, or both---
HawaiiHRS 291C-1042000speedingno$250---
IdahoIdaho Code 49-657 1996speedingno$50---
IllinoisPublic Act 093-09551996speedingyes$375 for a first offense and $1000 for subsequent offenses ---
IndianaBurns Ind. Code Ann. 33-37-5-141993speeding or failure to mergeno.50 cents + $25 if ordered by judge---
IowaIowa Code 805.8A (or Iowa Code 805.8A)1993all moving vehicle violationsno---2X
KansasK.S.A. 8-20041994all moving vehicle violationsno---2X
KentuckyKRS  189.3941996speedingno---2X
LouisianaLa. R.S. 32:571997speedingyes---11/2X
Maine29-A M.R.S. 20751995speedingno---2X
MarylandMd. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. 27-1011991speedingnonot more than $1,000 
MassachusettsALM GL ch. 90, 172002speedingno---2X
MichiganMCLS 257.601b1996all moving vehicle violationsno---2X
MinnesotaMinn. Stat. 169.141994speedingyes---2X or X+$25 (whichever larger)
MississippiMiss. Code Ann. 63-3-5161998speedingyesnot more than $250---
Missouri 304.580 R.S.Mo.1994all moving vehicle violationsonly for speeding violations---$35 + X for a moving violation; $250 +X for speeding or passing
MontanaMont. Code Anno., 61-8-3141997all traffic violationsyes---2X
NebraskaR.R.S. Neb. 60-682.011996speedingno---2X
NevadaNRS 484.36671997speedingyes---2X up to a total of $1000, 6 months jail or 120 hrs. community service
New HampshireRSA 265:6-a1994speedingyes$250-$500---
New JerseyN.J. Stat. 39:4-203.51993all moving vehicle violationsno---2X
New MexicoN.M. Stat. 66-7-303.12001all moving vehicle violationsnoNot more than $300 or up to 90 days jail or both---
New YorkNY CLS Veh & Tr 11801997speedingno---2X
North CarolinaN.C. Gen. Stat. 20-1411997speedingno---X+$250
North DakotaN.D. Cent. Code, 39-06.1-061995speedingyesMinimum $80---
OhioOAC ch. 5501:2-101991speedingno---2X
Oklahoma47 Okl. St. 11-8061996speedingyes---2X
OregonORS 811.2301995numerous violations specifiedno---minimums: misdemeanor, 20% of max. penalty; felony, 2% of max. penalty
Pennsylvania75 Pa.C.S. 33261989numerous violations specifiedyes---2X
Rhode IslandR.I. Gen. Laws 31-14-12.11996speedingno---2X
South CarolinaS.C. Code Ann. 56-5-15351994speedingno$75-$200 or not more than 30 days jail or both---
South DakotaS.D. Codified Laws 32-25-19.1 1996speedingyes---2X
TennesseeTenn. Code 55-8-1521996speedingyes$250-$500---
TexasTex. Transp. Code 542.4041997all moving vehicle violationsyes---2X of min. and max. applicable
UtahUtah Code 41-6-131998speedingyes---at least 2X
Vermont23 V.S.A. 10101997speedingno---2X
VirginiaVa. Code Ann. 46.2-878.11992, 1995cspeedingyesnot more than $500---
WashingtonRCW 46.61.5271994speedingno---2X
West VirginiaW. Va. Code 17C-3-4b1994speedingyesnot more than $200 or 20 days jail or both---
WisconsinWis. Stat. 346.601995numerous violations specifiedyes---2X of min. and max. applicable
WyomingWyo. Stat. 31-5-12012000speedingno---X+$100d
a The additional fines and penalties shall not be assessed unless signs are posted in advance of the highway work zone indicating the maximum speed limit and fines are double.

b In Georgia, in order for a person to be cited or convicted for exceeding a speed limit, reduced or otherwise, in any highway work zone, there must be present in the highway work zone at the time of the offence the signage required by this Code section and either:
(A) Work zone personnel; or
(B) Barriers, on-site work vehicles, or shoulder or pavement drop offs that constitute a hazard to the traveling public.

c In Virginia the original bill passed in 1992, and applied to only "reduced" maximum speed limits in work zones. This requirement was eliminated in 1995 to allow it to be applied to all maximum speed limits in work zones (even those not reduced from the normal speed limit).


d Applies to speeding violations while operating a vehicle or combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight rating exceeding twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds.

The preceding information was originally compiled by Nada Trout, Research Scientist, Texas Transportation Institute, 1998. Adapted from TTI Research Report 1720-1, sponsored by Texas Department of Transportation.
Updated by the clearinghouse staff. 
Last modified 9/8/2004.



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