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A Commissioner


A commissioner is appointed by either a Judge, some legislative body or a Federal or State agency. They hear ‘Agency Law’. Commissionaires come in all shapes, sizes and functions. The can hear cases and administer ‘agency law’ or law that falls into the category to which they are assigned.


Many places in this country and others you will find commissionaires hearing traffic cases. Speeding is a traffic case and they pretend to be like Judges when hearing them.


You can always appeal a conviction by a commissionaire to the circuit court. It is more difficult because you have to have exhausted all your appeals within the commission itself before a new trial in circuit court by a real Judge is granted.


In general, the commissionaire is more educated and fair minded then either a Magistrate or a Justice of the Peace. The bad part is that like the name suggests a commissionaire may be working on a commission basis, and that is not good for you.


With a good defense you have a 80% chance of winning provided the commissionaire is not being paid by the conviction. In that event your defense is immaterial to the outcome of the trial.